Stone Crusher Plant / Quarry Management Software

Recent GST and Royalty regulations are included

Stone Crusher Plant / Quarry Software Modules

Vehicle Management

Registers vehicles along tare weight; software shall be connected to weighbridge system to automate the process

Inward / Purchase

Purchase or boulder excavation

Party Master / Settings

Maintains party details like GST, royalty, aggregate charges, destination, transport charges, etc


Sales of aggregate with integrated weighbridge, based on party settings, rates and destination are automated and bill / Invoice / Weighment copy is generated

User Management

Create, manage and assign privileges based on business needs. This will smoothen the process and add an extra layer of data security


Receipt Voucher
Payment Voucher
Journal Voucher / Contra Entry
Bank Reconciliation
Other Purchase Entry (Apart from Boulders)


You can generate various reports like monthly, weekly, sales/purchase reports. Partywise reports, product wise reports etc

Management Reports

Owners/stakeholders can view business critical reports on their cell phone devices. Can send payment reminders

Graphical Representations

Software will generate pie charts, bar charts, which will give birds eye view of the business

DiamondCut Stone Crusher Plant / Quarry Management Software

If you are looking for a stable and easy to software that can help you manage and automate your crusher or Quarry plant and to provide all required reports at glance, then talk to us. 

DiamondCut Crusher and Quarry plant management software is designed for Indian businesses. It support all government norms including GST and Royalty calculations.

DiamondCut Stone Crusher Plant Software Feedback

We have been using DiamondCut stone crushing plant management software since 3 years. We are extremely delighted with our decision go ahead with DiamondCut stone crushing plant management software. DiamondCut team provides timely updates and professional support. I recommend this software to every crusher plant.
Anand Sharma
Chief Accountant, VINP Infra Projects

Crusher Plant Software Reports

Crusher Plant /Quarry Management Software Screenshots

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